Rental Policy


Rental Policy

Welcome to Karapasha Rent a Car

Below you will find out information about our Conditions of Rental and Driving in North Cyprus.

Terms and Conditions

Driver's License and Age: Drivers must be in possession of a valid national or international driver's license. Drivers should have minimum 3 years driving experience


Karapasha Rent A Car provide third party insurance, provided that:

  • - an incident report form is completed and submitted to the rental company
  • - Vehicle is used only for the purpose which it was supplied to you
  • - the Vehicle is not used to participate in any illegal activity
  • - reasonable care is taken of the vehicle
  • - you do not use or drive the vehicle, or allow anyone else to use or drive the vehicle whilst intoxicated, or under the influence of any medication, or other legal or illegal substance, which impairs driving ability.
  • - Karapasha Rent A Car will not be held responsible for anyone driving under the influence of alcohol/ drugs, causing wilful damage, off road driving or driving without due care and attention. You accept responsibility in respect of such claims.

Fully Comprehensive Insurance can be provided by an optional payment of £3 GBP per day. This optional insurance will be added on top of the rental price of hire car.

Please note that insurance does not cover damage to tires or underneath of the vehicle and loss or damage to keys.

Credit/Charge Cards: Visa, MasterCard or Amex are accepted.

Debit Cards: Debit cards, such as Visa, Delta or Switch/Maestro, are accepted.

Payment: Rental charges are paid at the time of delivery by cash (STERLING) and equivalent currency in EURO, USD OR TL or by credit/debit card with %1 charge for debit card and %2 charge for credit card payments.

Note: 2% transaction fee is charged for every card payment.

Parking and Traffic fines: All parking and traffic fines during rental period are renter's responsibility.

Fuel: For customer peace of mind, if you require your car to be delivered to Ercan airport, £10 of petrol will be put into your hire car. This will be added to the cost of your hire car. The type of fuel will be stated, and also labled on the petrol cap. Karapasha Rent A Car consider that you are responsible in case of any fuel mistakes. Depending on the circumstances, any unused fuel cannot be refunded.

Fuel Option: Please note that all cars are unleaded.

We deliver our vehicles with the equivelent of 10 GB Pounds of fuel: This is the most popular petrol option. We will put the fuel from petrol station and deliver it to you. The car will be provided with the equivelent of 10 GB Pounds of fuel, which you will be charged for and then you return the car empty. Please note that petrol is not refundable.

Leave it as you got it: This is the second option which we dont recommend if you are getting the car at Ercan airport and driving long distance. We are offering this option for our customers who do not want to get full tank petrol because they believe they will not use full tank petrol. If you choose this option, we deliver the petrol as it is and you bring it back as you got it.

Rental Period: The minimum rental period is 3 days.

Car delivery: If the car rental period is over 7 days and the car is requested to be delivered to or collected from Çatalköy, Ozanköy, Kyrenia or Karagolanoglu no delivery/collection fee will be charged.

For such destinations as Esentepe, Tatlisu, Lapta, Alsancak, Karmi, Kayalar, Güzelurt, Lefke, Famagusta, Iskele, Vadili, and Karpas there is a delivery/collection fee of £20 regardless of the number of days the car is hired.

If the car is to be delivered to any of the above mentioned destionations, the tank will be filled with £10 of petrol. This amount will be added to the total price for the car hire.

Airport transfers: All transfer prices stated for pick up and drop off at head office in Karakum and Ozankoy. Rest of the destinations of Northern Cyprus cost more transfer fee depending on distance.

Seat Belts: All vehicle occupants must use a seatbelt at all times

Fines and Penalties: You are responsible for the cost of any parking fines or other penalties incurred whilst the vehicle is on rent to you. Karapasha Rent A Car will pass the relevant charge on to you plus any administrative expenses. Out of Hours Charge: There is no 'Out of hours service' charge.

Lost Keys: Should the vehicle's keys not be handed back to a Karapasha Rent A Car employee at the return depot then a charge will be incurred. This is paid locally by you.

Car Wash: Car washing is free on request

Mileage: Mileage is unlimited.

Please note: Rates and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.

Information About Driving in North Cyprus

Driving is on the left and traffic signs are international.Distances and road speed limits are posted in kilometres and kilometre-per hour (km/h) respectively. The maximum speed limit on the motorways is 100 km/h and the lower speed limit is 65 km/h. On all other roads the general speed limit is 80 km/h, unless a lower one is indicated. In built-up areas generally the speed limit is 50km/h, unless a different one is indicated.

Parking and waiting is prohibited along a double yellow line.

The use of front seat-belts is compulsory.

Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a serious offens. A person is considered legally drunk when his or her blood alcohol level reaches % 0.05 promil.


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