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Northern Cyprus Weather and Clothing

North Cyprus enjoys what has come to be known as typical Mediterranean weather. This is normally characterized by long dry summers which last from the middle of May to the middle of October and mild winters that last from December to February. Northern Cyprus only has a short autumn and spring.

Summer in North Cyprus is known to be a season of extreme highs and cloudless blue skies. This is also the high season in terms of tourism and beaches, and while it does get pretty hot the costal areas are given a reprise with the pleasant sea breeze. During this season light clothing is recommended and in reality all that you will need. Also it is recommended that you wear a hat and sunglasses.

Winters in North Cyprus are mild and while snow is a rare event rain is not. In this season you should be prepared for all sorts of weather. Although it does not reach the extremes in terms of freezing it is still recommended that you pack for winter weather in Northern Cyprus.

Spring and Autumn in North Cyprus is a mild time of year and you can mostly get away with using light clothing although temperatures drop at night and you might need a light jacket or pullover.

North Cyprus
North Cyprus
North Cyprus
North Cyprus
Population of Northern Cyprus

The last census conducted in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus was in the year 1996 and showed a population of 183,220. It was recorder that 50% of these people live in cities while the other half live in the Northern Cyprus country side. Also the literacy rate among adults was recorded to be 99%.

North Cyprus Public Holidays

  • 1 January New Year's Day
  • 23 April Children's Day
  • 1 May Labour Day
  • 19 May Youth and Sports Day
  • 20 July Peace and Freedom Day
  • 30 August Victory Day
  • 29 October Turkish Republic Day
  • 15 November Northern Cyprus Republic Day

Please also note that there are various religious holidays in North Cyprus which are known as "Bayrams". These Northern Cyprus holidays do not have fixed dates and like the Christian holiday of Easter tend to change every year.

Most places in North Cyprus that actually have a sewage system have a system that is built with narrow pipes that can not cope with toilet paper or other foreign artefacts being flushed down the toilet. This is often the cause of many a blockage and it is recommended that you dispose of the toilet paper in the provided bin next to the toilet.

Northern Cyprus System of Measurement

North Cyprus converted to the metric system some years ago, hoverer, it is still possible yet highly unlikely to hear people talking in terms of inches, miles and other units of measurement. In Northern Cyprus the traditional and still widely used system of measurement known as the "okke" may be still used to buy meat and vegetables. One okke is equal to 1.23kg.Electric Current Voltage in North Cyprus

Power in Northern Cyprus operates at 240 volts and at 50 hertz. The wall sockets are normally of the U.K. style, three flat pin type. Although please note that there is no set standard when it comes to appliances bought in the North Cyprus therefore in many cases you may need an adapter.

Foreign Missions in Northern Cyprus

  • Australian Representative
  • Tel: 2277332
  • French Cultural Assosiation
  • Tel: 2283328
  • German Representative
  • Tel: 2275161
  • Turkish Embassy
  • Tel: 2272314
  • Fax: 2282209
  • U.K. Representative
  • Tel: 2283861
  • Fax: 2287054
  • U.S.A. Representative
  • Tel: 2252440
  • Fax: 2252442


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